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The Sacred Ordinary

The Sacred Ordinary Book CoverThe first day of school. A dinner party gone wrong. The chore of changing a light bulb or facing up to the junk drawer. Life is full of ordinary people, places, things, moments, and words. But underneath the ordinary we can find glimpses of an extraordinary God. In her lyrical style, Leigh McLeroy peels back the layers of regular life to offer modern-day parables that connect us in a tangible way to God. The Sacred Ordinary captures those moments where, if we linger, we will see that the earth really is full of heaven and that every common bush is afire with the beauty of God.

“I think what is special about this devotional, is that it trains us to see God in OUR ordinary lives, not just [Leigh’s]. It challenged me to continually be on a mission to see and hear from God in my most frustrating moments as well as the "holy" ones.”
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“Some of us…are all but begging to be kicked out of the cages we’ve grown accustomed to. Prison is not our natural habitat. We don’t belong in bondage, no matter how seemingly safe and tolerable our cells have become. We are sons and daughters of a great king, and our ransom has been paid in full.”
      From The Sacred Ordinary, by Leigh McLeroy © 2008.

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Moments for Singles

Moments for Singles Book CoverWhether never-married or newly-divorced, you know all about being single in a couples’ world. But for you, most advice comes from those who don’t really understand what it’s like to long for marriage. Moments for Singles explores the issues that matter most to you. These devotionals offer hope, healing, and encouragement so you can get the most out of your time as a single … even if it is a couples’ world.

“Challenging. Transparent. Engaging. Leigh McLeroy’s honesty and wisdom will encourage you to dream and to follow strong after the God who relentlessly pursues you.”
      Ben Young, Pastor, Second Baptist Church of Houston

“Our hunger for connection is God-created, and it is good. The yearning to connect with others in an intimate and personal way is part of our design, and it is no mistake. What is a mistake is to believe that marriage is the primary answer to our desire to belong.”
      From Moments for Singles by Leigh McLeroy © 2004.

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Daily Seeds from Women Who Walk in Faith

Daily Seeds Book CoverScripture encourages us to be immersed in the Word of God. We are to meditate on His law day and night. The guests of Midday Connection, Moody Broadcasting’s daily radio broadcast for women, want us to do the same, and have written daily devotionals to encourage just that. Women will be enlightened by the wisdom and wit of authors and speakers such as Lisa Whelchel, Mary Hunt, Dee Brestin, Leigh McLeroy, Priscilla Shirer, Dannah Gresh, and more than 50 others.

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Sister Freaks: Stories of women who gave up everything for God

Sister Freaks Book CoverSinger Rebecca St. James brings together a group of radical and inspirational true stories about young women who gave their all for Jesus. Around the world, every day, young women are boldly putting themselves forth as believers regardless of the cost. Sometimes they suffer for it, but they never waver in their belief that God has called them to serve Him. In her new book, Rebecca St. James profiles both contemporary women and historical figures from around the world from Joan of Arc to a Midwest high school student to an Olympic athlete. Their stories are sometimes extreme, sometimes more universal, but always inspiring.

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