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The Beautiful Ache.

When the best job or adventure or relationship doesn’t fully satisfy, you feel the ache. It infuses every glimpse of beauty or wonder this world can offer and leaves you even hungrier than before. It colors your disappointments and desires with equal intensity, and it should – because you were made for another kind of living in another kind of world. In The Beautiful Ache, Leigh McLeroy’s powerful writing offers the hope you need to embrace the gap between the life you know … and the life you can’t help longing for.

“A well-written reminder of why we are really here, and where many of us are headed.”
      Steve Arterburn
      Author, speaker and host of New Life Live radio.

“If God has placed you in a moment that requires trust – or the long sustaining of it – he has brought you to a place of great intimacy and possibility. Trust is for lovers, not for strangers. So instead of asking, ‘Do I dare?’ why not ask instead, ‘Am I loved?’ If the answer is yes, trust is the only reasonable response.”
      From The Beautiful Ache by Leigh McLeroy © 2007

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